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Create a vertical garden with the Happy Jungle 4x Pockets Vertical Garden! With vertical gardening you can turn your kitchen, living room or bedroom into a plant wall or green edible wall!

This vertical garden is suitable for hanging outside and inside due to the waterproof back.Ships with 4x tie wraps and 2x hooks with plug, so you’re ready to go!

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Happy green!
Green living makes you happy! Start a vertical jungle yourself and create a green oasis in your living room, bedroom, balcony or (roof top) terrace!

Perfect growth circumstances
Due to the breathable felt fabric, plants are allowed to grow under the best circumstances. It ensures that plants will absorb enough water without drowning! This way you will get a beautiful green wall in your garden or balcony.

Waterproof backing for indoor usage
Want to create a green wall in your living room, bedroom or kitchen? The Happy Jungle Vertical Garden comes with an optional waterproof backing. This way your plants stay wet and your wall dry!

Durable and strong
The Happy Jungle Vertical Gardens can take a beating: they are made of the thickest felt, with extra reinforced seams.

Expandable (modular) design
Each Vertical Garden can be connected to another, via the stainless steel mounting rings or hangers. This way, every wall can be transformed into a green wall!

Ready to go!
Mountening materials are supplied with every Vertical Garden, to make sure you can immediately hang your vertical garden on your balcony railing, fence, your closet door or attach it to one of your other Happy Jungle Vertical Gardens.
Tip! Succulents, such as cacti, are ideal for creating a vertical garden. They retain water for a long time and therefore require little maintenance and soil. The Happy Jungle Vertical Gardens® are also ideal for vertical vegetable gardens!

Plug and play!
4x tiewraps
2x hanging hook with plug

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 30 × 2 cm




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4 Pockets

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