The best plants for your vertical garden in the sun

There it is. Your vertical garden. Empty now, but that’s about to change. Now comes perhaps the most fun part: buying the plants. Since your vertical garden is located in the sun, it is important to purchase plants that can withstand sunlight. Below we discuss the most beautiful houseplants for the sun.


One of the fastest growing and easiest indoor plants is the sedums. These come in all kinds of different types, sizes and colors. They are succulents, so they need little water. There are more than 400 species of sedums. Ideal, because this way you can create a very varied plant wall with different colors.


A plant species that really shouldn’t be missing from your green wall is the ivy. The Hedera is a fast-growing, green plant. In addition, there are different types of ivy. And do you forget to water them once or do you accidentally water them a little too much? The ivy is very forgiving and will not die immediately. So it is a very nice varied plant for which you hardly have to do anything!


The Pothos, also called Epipremnum, is also an easy plant. This plant tolerates almost any light, including direct sunlight or semi-shade. This plant can both hang and climb, so you can vary nicely with it. Moreover, there are a lot of species, so there is plenty of choice!

Lipstick plant

Finally, we treat the lipstick plant. You read it right. The plant, which in Latin is called Aeschynanthus Japhrolepis, owes its much easier nickname to its bright red flowers. The lipstick plant originates from Southeast Asia. Apart from the fact that he needs water a number of times a week, he is also easy to maintain.

There are dozens of plant species suitable for use for your green wall. If you have your vertical garden hanging in the sun, it is important that the plants can really withstand direct sunlight. Fortunately, you can often easily look this up on the Internet. Have fun making your green garden!