6 care tips to grow your vertical garden.

Even though you have chosen easy plants for your green wall, these plants also become happy with a little care. In this blog we will tell you 6 care tips for your vertical garden with which you can easily make your plants shine!

1) Watering less often

It may sound crazy and unnatural, but often it is better to water a little less often. You prefer to give your plants as much love and care as possible, but daily watering is not always the best option. Try to learn not to water until the soil has dried up. This way you prevent your plant from drowning.

2) Don’t feed plants if you’re not sure

As with watering, many people think that your plant is very happy with plant nutrition. However, not all plants need this (frequently). Too much plant food can cause the plant to die. And of course you don’t want that!

3) Choose a permanent spot for your plants

Are you one of those people who prefers to change the interior every week? That’s not a problem, but leave your plants in place. If you change them from place over and over again, they will do less well and can even die. Fortunately, your vertical garden is often well attached to the wall, so you can hopefully avoid this problem.

4) Prune your plants

Check with your plants how they stand. Are there less beautiful twigs and leaves on it? Then remove it with a sterile blade or plant scissors. This way your plant can grow quietly again and create beautiful, healthy branches!

5) Increase humidity

In the house, the air is often very dry, especially in winter when the heating is on. You may not realize this yourself, but your plants do. With the help of a plant sprayer, you can easily increase the humidity. Make sure that this makes your plant happy, because although it is beneficial for many plants, it can be very disadvantageous for other plants.

6) Check your vertical garden regularly for bugs and diseases

Does your plant have crazy spots on the leaves? Or is it growing less well than before? Then he may be sick. Fortunately, there are many solutions for this, but this is often the easiest to treat if you get there on time. Many diseases and bugs pass to your other plants. So check regularly how your plants stand!

With these care tips for your vertical garden, you can hopefully easily get started to make your plants shine. Even if you don’t have green, but red or purple fingers. How do you take care of your plants?