5 reasons why vertical felt gardens are perfect!

We are often asked why our felt Vertical Gardens are better than other systems. As a (novice) gardener or enthusiast of vertical gardens, you naturally want to choose the best for your plants. In addition, of course you also want it to look super beautiful! Here I tell you why felt is so good for your plants and why it is ideal fabric for vertical gardens!

Felt “breathes”: roots love it!

Really, roots of your plants love to grow in bags of felt.

Because felt “breathes”, it allows the ventilation of roots and humus. That is one of the basic principles of gardening (the equivalent of weeding when growing in open ground)

In addition, felt also ensures that your roots remain protected during hot days: the air circulation avoids overheating.

Your plants grow better

Even when the root touches the wall of the bag (the felt), the root will not grow any further. Instead, the plant will develop new roots. The result: a dense and compact beautiful root system, instead of just a few large roots against the walls! This ensures a very good development of the roots and therefore also of the plants!

Ventilation also avoids the entanglement of the roots, such as when growing plants in classic pots. This ensures that your plants grow much better.


If you have the Vertical Garden hanging outside and it rains enormously, your plants will not drown. That’s because the excess water can be drained quickly. They have extra thick felt so that water that you have given is drained too quickly! By the way, don’t worry that your wall can get wet inside if you water your plants: the Vertical Gardens have a waterproof backside!

Happy Jungle Vertical Garden Felt
Our Vertical Gardens have extra thick felt!

Super durable

The Vertical Gardens are made from recycled felt, and that is of course much more sustainable than (plastic) containers. Moreover, they are not fragile and also last a very long time, partly due to extra thick felt!

Furthermore: stylish and simple

Vertical gardens always look so cool! Happy Jungle is very proud of the Vertical Gardens, they are real eye-catchers! Of course: tastes differ. We and a lot of others often think felt pockets look much nicer than trays or jars on the wall.

Finally, a pro tip for the real enthusiasts who want to make their vertical garden even more beautiful. You could even try to grow moss on the felt! That’s where it grows very well and you make sure that your entire Vertical Garden is completely green.