4 essential steps before you start vertical gardening

Are you as in love with the vertical gardens as we are now? And are you also considering starting with your own green wall? Check out these 4 essential steps to successfully start vertical gardening

1) Measure the quality of light in space

The success of your vertical garden depends, among other things, on the quality of the light. Because without light, plants often cannot grow (properly). Sometimes it may seem like your room gets a lot of light, but is it really? So always first check what the quality of the light is like in the place where you want to hang your vertical garden. On this you can base the choice of plants in your vertical garden.

2) Ensure the right temperature in the house

In addition to light, the temperature is also of great importance. Where in some houses or rooms it is 23 degrees, in other places it is 18 degrees again. And this matters a lot. Some plants can withstand a colder environment and some can’t at all.

3) Watch out for drafts

Drafts can also significantly affect your plant wall. Many plants do not like this and can therefore suffer from diseases and bugs. Therefore, try to avoid a vertical garden on the tour.

4) Measure the size

Do you know the place where your vertical garden will hang? Then measure this. At Happy Jungle there are many types and sizes of vertical gardens. For example, you can choose a vertical garden with only one compartment or a very large one with no less than 15 pockets.

When you’ve figured all this out, it’s time to start looking at the plants and really start gardening vertically! How would you prefer to decorate your plant wall?